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Our business is built on relationships. We pride ourselves in providing a first class service to all our clients; always going the extra mile to ensure we maintain long lasting professional relationships.

Our mission statement is to be known as an our business partners search partner of choice with senior & executive roles.

We take the time to truly understand your business needs, culture, values & aspirations, allowing us to identify key individuals that will add real value to your business. Our honest, but direct approach ensures candidates are vetted thoroughly and only presented to you once we are fully confident they are suitable for the role.

You will have access to some of the world’s finest senior professionals in our network that has taken years of commitment to build.


Retained Assignments & Executive Search

Our retained process is consultative and advisory. We work in conjunction with our clients to create an assignment specification that engages and entices candidates who have been identified through a targeted headhunt process. We work on their behalf, representing them to the desired individuals.

What are the benefits?

Dedicated time and deliverables

Set out in a SLA that ensure you are getting the best candidates in the market. Retained search is best used for senior and specific one off roles, where candidates are not typically active in the market. It can be done on a confidential basis or in tandem with a targeted marketing campaign to advertise both the role and the company. Each retained search is discussed on a case by case basis before a proposal is put forward, agreed upon and the search commences.

Why use retained search?

The search is incredibly important for the future of the business

Assignments for C-level positions that report into the Chief Executive Officer usually are too important not to go out to be a retained search. Executives at that level can make or break a company. A retained search firm can mitigate the risk.

Seeking a candidate with a rare mix of skills

If you are seeking a proverbial 'needle in a haystack'. We will present you with a diverse selection of profiles, personalities & skill sets detailing why we have selected the candidates.

A senior executive position that has been newly created

When an executive search falls outside your area of expertise, we can plug the knowledge gap with with our industry & market expertise. Reporting on market trends & salary analysis. 

Replacing an under performing current executive 

It is critical to remain completely confidential with a veil of secrecy while sourcing for replacement. Executive search eliminates the risk of the individual, colleagues or competitors having knowledge of the activities of your business.

Failure of contingency or inhouse search

If you have exhausted all avenues, either internally and externally via recruitment agents, applications & databases, it is time to access another network, with guaranteed results.

Positions covered in executive search



General Manager


Senior Positions - Contingency

Our contingency search is catered towards clients who either don't have a budget for retained search, or feel the position(s) require a retained headhunt. We only recruit mid to senior level positions on an exclusive basis with a trusted, reputable long term client.

The types of positions that are contingency based assignments are normally recruited on a regular basis using our network and our technology to source candidates. The database is constantly been updated with candidates - either new, passive or existing for our core disciplines below. A shortlist of candidates is presented to the client with no upfront payment. The invoice shall only be sent should the client hire the candidate presented. Should a trusted client approach us with a vacancy, we will carry out a contingent search on their behalf if it falls out with the remit.

Positions covered with contingent search

Operations Manager

Project Manager

Commercial Manager

Sales Manager

Design Manager

Claims/Cost Control Manager

Engineering/Technical Manager

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“During a difficult start up operation within Saudi Arabia I used Lana to fulfil my requirements for our new project. Her understanding of the calibre and competencies of the various roles I needed reduced the timescales in finding the right people. I found her service efficient, reliable & cost viable and I would recommend using her and Opus for any of my future recruitment needs within the MENA construction market”


Tony Cantwell, Construction Director

Kier (KSA)

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